Greg Heo


Hello! I'm a software developer and code wrangler from Toronto, Canada.

I work on iOS apps, web sites, and sometimes a little writing and editing. Read more about my projects »

Force Touch
The force is strong with Apple's new hardware and APIs.
8 Apr 2015
RWDevCon 2015
Remote work, team building, and selfies at RWDevCon.
13 Feb 2015
What's New in Swift 1.2
Swift 1.2 is out in the latest Xcode beta. What's new? Find out!
11 Feb 2015
Four Things I Learned Making My First Swift App
That's right: an iOS app written 100% in a language that's been public for a few months!
22 Oct 2014
18, in Computer Years
I just turned 18, in computer years. Take a trip down memory lane to the innocent pre-Internet days of yore.
14 Oct 2014
Shipping Stuff
What have you shipped lately?
10 Oct 2014
Transformable attributes in Core Data
Boring: strings and integers; fun and mysterious: transformable!
28 Jan 2014
iOS 7 By Tutorials
Everything you wanted to know about iOS 7 but were afraid to ask.
18 Sep 2013
Adventures in Dvorak, two months later
Two months ago, I switched keyboard layouts. I am now thinking in Dvorak!
13 Aug 2013
Adventures in Dvorak
Two weeks ago, I switched keyboard layouts. I am now skilled enough to type up my experiences.
14 Jun 2013
Custom Keyboards in iOS
How to set up a custom keyboard (input view) for a text field in iOS.
17 Mar 2013
Restoring In-app Purchases
On the pesky requirement of having a "Restore Purchases" button in your iOS app.
16 Aug 2012
Simple iOS audio playback
Making noise with Audio Services and AVAudioPlayer.
5 Jul 2012
Blocks in Objective-C
Based on my "Introduction to Blocks" lightning talk.
12 Jul 2011
Foreign keys - an introduction
The least you need to know about foreign keys but were afraid to ask.
22 Feb 2011
Schwartzian transform in PHP
It's no Perl for sure, but can PHP speak with a Lisp?
3 May 2010
Benchmarking PHP
Featuring PEAR's Benchmark module.
22 Apr 2010
SQL JOINs, part 2
The exploration of SQL JOIN continues with the oddballs: CROSS and OUTER.
19 Feb 2010
SQL JOINs, part 1
Left? Right? Outer? Let's review.
16 Feb 2010
Benchmarking Perl
Featuring the Benchmark module from CPAN.
14 Sep 2009