Greg Heo


Hello! I'm a software developer and code wrangler from Toronto, Canada.

I work on iOS apps, web sites, and sometimes a little writing and editing.

Read more about my projects or find me elsewhere on the web and in real life.

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Swift Summit SF 2015
What I learned From 55 Swift Standard Library Protocols.
3 Nov 2015
Audience Interaction in your Conference Talks
Bring the audience into your conference talk...if you dare.
23 Oct 2015
Outlining Your Conference Talk Pixar-style
Use a narrative to get at the core of what you want to say.
15 Oct 2015
Switching Your Brain to Swift
Existing codebase + existing brain + Swift. What could go wrong?
17 Aug 2015
Watch-First Design
How do you design an iOS app? By starting with the watch.
29 May 2015
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