Greg Heo


Hello! I'm a software developer and code wrangler from Toronto, Canada.

I work on iOS apps, web sites, and sometimes a little writing and editing.

Read more about my projects or find me elsewhere on the web and in real life.

Recent Stuff Podcast S04 E09 - Podcasting ↝
Greg interviews Mic & Jake about podcasting.
19 August 2015
What's New in Swift 2 ↝
The highlights of what's coming your way when Swift 2 lands!
12 June 2015
Switching Your Brain to Swift
Existing codebase + existing brain + Swift. What could go wrong?
17 Aug 2015
Watch-First Design
How do you design an iOS app? By starting with the watch.
29 May 2015
Force Touch
The force is strong with Apple's new hardware and APIs.
8 Apr 2015
RWDevCon 2015
Remote work, team building, and selfies at RWDevCon.
13 Feb 2015
What's New in Swift 1.2
Swift 1.2 is out in the latest Xcode beta. What's new? Find out!
11 Feb 2015
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