Greg Heo

Adventures in Dvorak, two months later

Two months ago, I switched keyboard layouts. I am now thinking in Dvorak!

I’m now two months into the great Dvorak switchover. So far so good! I can no longer type on a QWERTY keyboard unless I look at the keys. The context switch seems to be strong enough that typing on the iPhone makes my brain auto-switch to QWERTY, although I find myself mistyping there sometimes.

The stuff I thought would be the worst – shortcut keys and vi keys – ended up being not such a big deal. I thought muscle memory would be much stronger, but it turns out I rememember keyboard commands by the letter or character and not the physical position.

My new favorite typing practice site is I used the classic GNU Typist at first, but is programmer-specific and I get to read an interesting selection of code as I go! Most importantly, the exercises there include all those curly braces and semicolons that programmers type a lot.

I’m still thinking about buying an Ultimate Keyboard:

Ultimate keyboard

In the meantime, I did get a Dvorak Keyboard Cover. One flaw is it omits the all-important square brackets but as an Objective-C developer, I learned where those are right on day one!