Greg Heo

The Year of Travel

Turns out I did a lot of walking and flying in 2016.

I haven’t done much travelling in my life, but 2016 turned out to be the Year of Travel for me. I’ve flown about 100,000 lifetime miles, and 56,000 of them were in 2016.

Here’s the year of travel, by the numbers:

Sorry Chicago and Houston; some day I will step outside and visit!

Conference Travel

Pretty much all of my travel was thanks to speaking at conferences.

New countries visited:

Exciting cities in the USA visited:


The bigger bit of travel (and the reason I have an odd number of transcons) was moving to San Francisco in March.

I keep a journal in Day One and it’s strange to me to write about being in Toronto and filing it under “Travel”. And when I write about some new thing in San Francisco, that’s just “Journal” I guess. 😄

There were many, many hills & staircases climed in San Francisco in 2016. Luckily there are many more to visit in 2017 and beyond!